Our offices in Burlington, Ontario
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Matrix Rehabilitation Services is an inter-disciplinary team of medical and health professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, medical and rehabilitation specialists) committed to help chronically disabled persons, whom they judge able, return to making productive contributions within the workforce, their families and communities.

The company specializes in the treatment of people suffering from functional and psychological problems like chronic depression and anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorders, as well as chronic disability syndromes such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Matrix’s program aims specifically to return workers to the workforce. As a consequence, employers get back their resources - their chosen, experienced employees and/or funds to invest elsewhere than in disability payments, short (STD) or long-term (LTD).


The patient is always paramount. Matrix’s treatment program, while patient-centered, takes into account constraints and contingencies of the person’s benefits and/or job. People’s work environment and the nature of relationships with their employer and/or insurer can have an important impact on their symptoms and disability. A work environment that is perceived to be associated with the distress experienced can, for example, lead the employee to believe that his/her return to work will be problematic. It is such obstacles that will have to be detected and eliminated to allow for a complete reintegration to the workplace.

Matrix Rehabilitation’s multi-disciplinary approach allows for an assessment of all aspects of the person’s functioning, which permits functional, behavioural, medical and psychiatric problems to be identified and treated. This integrated treatment is conducted in close collaboration with the employer and its medical staff, the insurance company, as well as the various professionals involved in the patient’s treatment and/or rehabilitation.