Our offices in Burlington, Ontario
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Matrix Rehabilitation Services’ offices are situated at Youville Stables, in the center of Old Montreal. Place D’Youville is where the center of the economic metropolis of Canada was situated in the 19th century. It was here that the majority of city life took place as markets, churches, convents, etc. were situated nearby. During this century, thanks to the Port of Montreal, many warehouses were built in Old Montreal. The district rapidly gained importance thanks to brisk industrial expansion.

Certain buildings of that era still remain and testify to the architectural heritage of the 19th century. Matrix’s offices are located in the heart of this cultural heritage and the first function of the building, within which Matrix is located, was to warehouse potash. The grey nuns had it built on the grounds of the Montreal General Hospital which belonged to them. The building was rented around 1820 to the Bouthillier brothers who were its first commercial occupants.

The architecture of the Youville Stables is rural and middle-class, typical of the tradition of the French regime of the 19th century. The thick stone walls of the building are made of calcareous stone. The horseshoe building contains two floors with a garden at the center, where the secondary buildings intended for trade were relegated at that time. It was in 1967, for the World’s Fair in Montreal (Expo 67), that the warehouse was restored. The building was then converted to allow for professional offices.

Matrix’s offices are thus in the heart of this exceptional, historic industrial site. It is thus in this building, that is part of the industrial heritage of Montreal, that patients are treated. The well manicured offices along with the professional approach will allow patients to receive their personalized rehabilitation treatment programs in an environment that will hopefully serve in some ways as a springboard, allowing them to return to a more adaptive and functional life.