Our offices in Burlington, Ontario
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The patient’s treatment is guided by the personalized treatment program designed by the multi-disciplinary team. All of the patient’s dysfunctional elements are taken into account in the treatment plan design, which is based on relevant behavioural science research.

Matrix’s treatment methodology is based on cognitive and behavioural models designed to modify certain ways of thinking and behaving that are applicable to people who have been on disability for extended periods. The application of cognitive-behavioural techniques relative to rehabilitation problems permits the identification of a broad range of factors that can be contributing to both the person’s problems and disability. The learned dysfunctional behaviours and the patterns of dysfunctional thinking that are at the heart of the reported problems are identified in this manner. Furthermore, our specialists help the person modify certain ways of being, when it is clear that the person’s behaviour is creating obstacles to his rehabilitation, e.g. pain behaviour, avoidance.